Hi guys, bought this as a gift for my step dad.

I've read loads of reviews that it was a good joystick.

Now... I have a Logic 3 Pro Flight 2, a cheap joystick if I'm honest, already on my second because the first one was faulty. However, is does have a twist rudder axis (flat twist axis) and also a POV hat, throttle and 12 buttons.

I had assumed, the Logitech attack 3 would have the same.....especially with the stick being a good chunk more expensive, I didn't want to get him the same one as mine due to the build quality but.... nope.

No POV hat, no flat twist rudder axis, and fewer buttons. Although he was happy with it, being 65 years old I was pretty dissapointed.


Anyone know any good programs or software to set up autofire on certain buttons on a joystick. So that you can hold down a joystick button but it will be like you are hammering the button? And nope, the crappy Logitech drivers don't seem to let you be able to do it.