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The 5 Commandments

Itís rules time my lovely Forum Friends! Hopefully, most of you wonít need these as you seem to be very well behaved so far! Just a few little niggles to iron out!

No promotion of competitors pleaseÖ
Aria Technology Ltd sells computer components, software, gadgets, toys and mobile telephone equipment as you all know. Any promotion of other web sites/businesses supplying these items is not allowed. Itís free advertising after all and whatís the point? We all know that Aria is the best!

Be nice!!!
No flames, insults, trolling, swearing, inappropriate or illegal or adult materials (including links to such), advertising and warez requests. We have an automatic system for blocking swearwords, and any attempt to bypass this will result in a ban and nobody wants that! Itís a no-no on our forums!
Flames/Bashing hostile, insulting posts towards other members or deliberate incitement of argumentative posts.
Warez references to the illegal download of material or guides/advice on how to crack software.
Inappropriate terms that are sexist, racist, homophobic. Insults towards a particular demographic.

User Signatures
Please can you all ensure your signature image is no larger than 500*125 pixels and 50 kb in size. You may also have one line of text. Alternatively you may have four lines of text. We reserve the right to delete or change any signatures which do not follow these rules.

Returns enquiries
As much as we want to help you all with little niggles or problems, the forum isnít really the place for returns enquiries of any sort. We have a process for communication of this kind which can be found here and if there is anything that just canít wait donít hesitate to send one of the admins a private message. We will do all we can to help.

Anti-Aria posts
We will not tolerate any attempts to tarnish the name and services provided by our company. We appreciate your loyalty and value your custom but if you feel you have a justified complaint, please PM or email one of the Moderators who will do their best to resolve the matter for you.

Customer Service Queries and Complaints
As you all know - The Aria Forum is the place for reviews, chats and general tech talk! So as not to dampen our happy community mood, please direct any comments of a more negative nature to:
If this fails, please PM one of the moderators and we will try to deal with the problem or put you in touch with the relevant Aria-bod!!

Prize Warranty
Any prizes that we give out don't come with warranty, unfortunately if it breaks theres nothing we can do. No cash alternatives will be offered, so please do not ask. If a prize is out of stock then we reserve the right to substitute an alternative product of similar value or function. Aria competitions are UK only, please do not ask us to send prizes abroad or use a mailing service to have prizes sent abroad. Strictly UK winners only. We encourage active users here so be quick to claim your prize or else we will give it away!

Respect the Admins and Moderators
The Admins and Mods are here to help make your stay as enjoyable as possible, to allow them to do this please respect them and please dont insult them, they have the power to ban! The vast majority of decisions are made by the mods as a team, please abide by the decisions made by the team. Not all issues are covered by rules and a team interpretation is often taken, with the best interests of the community. Common sense must prevail, we don't want to have to create rules for every situation or thread!!
The forum moderators and admins may be viewed here

User Reputation System
We operate a user reputation system here, if you think someone deserves some recognition then give them some rep! Click the scales on their post to give them their reward!

No sale of goods or price check threads permitted outside of the members Trading Post

Apart from that, keep posting!!!

If you have any questions about using the forums please see below, or contact a Mod or an Admin :) Admins are in Orange, and Moderators are in Green

Thank you for visiting the Aria Forums, we hope you enjoy your stay and come back soon.

The Aria Forums Team! x

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