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SSD corrupt/needs repair issue

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  • SSD corrupt/needs repair issue

    Hey guys so I shut down my PC the other day and it had updates to do. The following day started it up it's not booting up and keeps saying preparing to repair. I read up on this and have since left the PC on for 3 days as a lot of people said you need to leave it... Problem is it doesnt go to diagnosing or any other screen like the YouTube videos suggest so I'm not sure what the issue is. Must be the windows update? Anyone else had any problems with it?

    I've took the SSD out now and I've replaced my second drive on another pc with it in the hope of using Easus or something to fix it. The problem is now the PC wont boot up when this corrupt drive is plugged in so I'm out of options.

    Hope this makes sense, any suggestions?
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