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Program for transferring large files between remote servers?

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  • Program for transferring large files between remote servers?

    I'm currently migrating my personal server to a different one and as part of it need to transfer my hyper-v VMs, totaling in excess of 500gb. Due to the sheer size of the files FTP obviously won't really cut it as it seems to cap out at around 14mb/s (the servers both have full gbit) and as such I find myself looking for an alternate, does anybody have any suggestions for what I might use?
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    what source and target OS? certainly worth using a volume splitting compression tool - .rar or something along those lines.

    Physical access or are both servers "cloud"?

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      Assuming you have physical access, use an External Hard Drive.

      Export VMs to it, import in to Hyper-V Manager on new machine.

      If the import/export won't work, just copy the VHD/VHDX files, recreate the host on the new machine and then reattach the drives.

      If you don't have physical access, then set up the new server as a replication target and enable replication on the current host. Then wait for it to replicate everything across - hyper v replication compresses the data too. It'll keep a track of any changes you make, but the replicated VMs will be in an off state, with no network connection/ip allocatiojn

      Once you're happy, power off the original VMs, shut down the old server and turn on the new server & VMs. Give them a network connection and assign IP addresses and job done.

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        I have been using something called resilo sync,
        This allowed me to install it on a remote server and trandfer all the files i needed. It was quite quick and supports start/stop etc

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