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Windows 10 Fresh Install, Black Screen

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  • Windows 10 Fresh Install, Black Screen

    So, got an ASUS machine which has previously had Windows 10 running on it. (Apparently)

    Supposedly it was shut down during an update (genius I know).

    Soooo I backed up the data, downloaded the latest W10 64bit iso, ran through the install process fine. But then after getting to the "getting device ready" and what not, it just sits at a blank screen. No sound, no cursor. It briefly turns blue and says "Just A Second"
    Tried VGA and DVI, and I dragged out an old TV with HDMI, all had the same issue. It Doesn't have a dedicated GPU.

    Not sure what else to tell you other than what I already have. This is the PC

    Any ideas what I could try?

    Cheers all!
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    Nevermind. Plugged the mouse n keyboard into the front IO and it worked fine.

    Can delete this topic if you like.