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Windows 7 - IEEE 1394 network hack?

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  • Windows 7 - IEEE 1394 network hack?

    The title says it all, I'm running windows 7 on two pc's each with firewire ports. They network together through a wireless router but as they are in close proximity to each other I'd like to take advantage of their firewire ports.

    But 1394 networking was only available in XP and was dropped from Vista and Windows 7. So, is there a driver workaround for this?

    As well as the wireless networking, I can also do a poor man's file sharing with an external USB drive so I'm fine without 1394, I'm just wondering if it would be faster.

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    Does this help at all?
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      Thanks for the link but it did not help - and I think that's due to a hardware problem on one of my machines. I downloaded 32 & 64 bit versions for the machines and the 64 bit worked fine with the desktop, it appeared I had a new network adaptor. But the other machine was not as easy, It appears that the firewire adaptor is run through a multifunction controller as I lost a few other devices installing the drivers, and it does not support networking.