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Any new recommendations for web hosting?

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  • Any new recommendations for web hosting?

    My current host has just raised its prices and they're not competitive any more.

    So I'm looking at moving web host. Just wondered if anyone had any new recommendations as to who to host with? I'd need to host roughly 8 domains and a few databases. Wouldn't need too much disk space - probably less than 30gb.

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    I'm with TSOHost, and a lot here are as well so expect a load of referral hunters

    Recently though, it pains me to say this - but 1and1 have really upped game.
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      1&1's control panel is so ridiculously dumbed down that they've pushed it beyond the point of being usable. It really is just rage inducing so I would strongly recommend against anyone even slightly technical from using 1&1.

      As for alternative hosts, I've only really used Digital Ocean (great for freelancers but expensive for what you get), OVH (I used to love them for personal projects but they've since upped their prices since the EU referendum) and AWS (would be overkill for what you want). So I don't really have much exposure to the budget hosting solutions (aside 1&1 - unfortunately as they are hatefully bad).

      I have heard good things about TSO Host though possibly just from others on here (as DT has said, quite a few seem use them).
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        TSO is probably the best UK host.
        I use OVH now but moved to static websites so just use Object Storage to serve static HTML CSS etc.


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          It took me a while to be won over by object storage but these days I'm a full on advocate for it. I just wish S3 didn't require quite so much black magic to get permissions working on non-public objects.