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  • Sports website theme/template

    I've been asked to put together a website for my local Rugby club and whilst Pitchero would be convenient, it looks a little expensive compared to other means of hosting a website.

    The content will include fixtures (not a league table), club information, player information and stats and a photo gallery.

    Any recommendations on who to hose (Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress etc) and/or any templates to use? SportsPress looks like a good option but is only a plug in and I've no experience building sites with Wordpress so I'm not sure how easy it will be to add in?
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    Website or you can do all that in either...
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      Any of them are easy to learn. With Wix, you get their product branding all over the place, so I would normally avoid that.

      Wordpress is straightforward - if you don't know it inside out right now, then it's a good opportunity to learn..

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        Wordpress is good, i have been setting up a website on there at the moment and its pretty easy to use.

        With my 123-reg domains and hosting you get the option to install a forum (phpbb) and also a blank website so you just fill in the blanks. Depends on how complex or custom you want to go.

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          Wordpress is as easy as using Microsoft Office.

          Most hosting packages will have a one click installation for wordpress, and with your SportPress plugin, you should be able to instal it from within Wordpress itself.

          Then hop on over to themeforest and fine a look you like, purchase, upload and get filling in the blanks.


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            Yeah just use Wordpress. It's stupidly easy to use.

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              just done a site which wouldn't be a million miles off for functionality, all in Wordpress - ours was for a local tennis club

              these things are more time consuming if not able to do face to face on the functionality requirements, but if you want a ball park figure - PM me for details

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                Plus one for WordPress, it's so easy. Any functionality can usually be taken care of by various plugins. In terms of build, it's all PHP. Find a theme that's similar to what you want and then just customise it, you can end up with a pretty decent result for minimal effort.

                In terms of hosting, I've moved all my stuff from TSO to recently and they've been superb.
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