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    Evening all. Any Bootstrap whizz kids around here?

    I'm trying to get my mums website looking something like. Decided to go with bootstrap as everyone is on their mobiles nowadays.
    Its been a loooong time since I did anything html.

    Want keep it as simple and user friendly as possible. One page containing all important information, possibly one other page for photos.

    Here is the site so far

    Couple of things I just can't figure out. When the navbar is collapsed and you get a button, that menu doesn't disappear when you click an item on the list of links.
    I can't think how to highlight a link at the top of the page when you are scrolled to that section. Not massively important. (Only really seen on desktop, probably requires js)
    I can't for the life of me get the map to spread out to the full extent of the page. Ideally id have the map on one row, and then the contact details split into two columns below that.

    I can't get the styles to work if I add them to my own stylesheet. Hence why they are stored in the header...??!? No idea. Always managed this in the past.

    Cheers all!

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    at the moment, your links are set to anchor tabs, not actual urls - so I'm confused, probably because this post is 6 days old

    I tend to use bootstrap for most sites now, PM me if you still need some help.

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      Currently you have the map and the contact details in a single row, each with a column width of 4/12.

      Change the map class from col-sm-4 to col-sm-12 and it should span the whole container.

      You may want to wrap the the map and contact details in separate row containers, but Bootstrap supports column wrapping if you define more than 12 columns I believe.