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Guide : Creating a website

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  • Guide : Creating a website

    Now, making a fully functional site can seem like a daunting task. That's where I step in, to show you just how easy it is.

    Now, this tutorial will be split into 3 steps. The first is sorting out the Domain, the second is Hosting and the third is creating the actual Website.

    So, let's get cracking.

    Domains are essentialy the URL of your site. They come in different types. Some domains are, some are .com and there are many others including .org, .net ect.

    The best domain provider in my honest opinion is TSHost. From the name you can probably tell they host as well as provide domains.

    So, hop along here, and check the availability of the domain you want.

    The next page you will see will tell you the price of the domain and if it is available. a "" domain is 5.99 for two years.

    So, the domains available. Go ahead and select "Add to Cart".
    At the next page, only enter the your name.
    Leave the nameservers as they are by default for now.

    Update the cart:

    At the basket, you'll see the chance to enter a voucher code.

    Head here and look for codes. Update your cart and see the new discounted price.

    Next, go ahead and checkout via paypal.

    We're done. The domains ours. One more step though.

    Head over here, enter your site. You'll see your address and phone number are on display. Now, we can hide out address and phone number easily. Call up TSOhost and ask them to remove your name and address so it's visible when looked up. The best bit is TsoHost have a 0800 Number! You almost certainly wont get put on hold and will be talking to a U.K based customer support rep within a few seconds.

    Now, let them do the changes and check back. The details should be hidden.

    We now have a domain, and only our name is shown when looked up. Having a name is necessary, even if you are not a business.


    The hosting company are the ones that will put your site on their servers and let the whole world see it. Now, we need to sort out who we're going to get hosting with. I'm using Vapournet hosting. They use Cpanel which means that your site will have a Control Panel with all the options to do anything you want at all. Imagine Control Panel in Windows.

    We are going for Linux hosting and the cheapest package, here.

    So do that, enter your domain when prompted, andpay and wait for the service to become active!

    When it is, you should recieve information including the below:
    | Domain:
    | Ip:
    | UserName: xxx
    | PassWord: xxx
    | HomeRoot: /home
    | Quota: 500 Meg
    | NameServer1:
    | NameServer2:

    So what's this you ask. The domain is ofcourse your domain you registered it with. So, the IP is the IP address of the site. The username and password is what's used to login to your site. Homeroot is the default directory where you will put the sites files. The Quota is the max space you have for files.

    Now, the nameservers. These are important. These are the servers that the domain will use. Currentely, we haven't configured out domain at Tso host to use these servers, because we only found out now!

    So, go to to and login.

    Go to My Domains at the top, then view details.
    Look at the botton where it says "Nameservers".

    Change them from the default, inactive tso host ones and type in the ones Vapournet gave us.

    Click "Save changes" and wait 20-30 mins. This is how long changing the DNS servers takes.

    Check back and when they've changed you have a host and a domain correctly configured!

    The site:

    To make the site we need to use a peice of software or use HTML we know. I would rather use Software but HTML ensures there is no "rubbish" coding whereby unessevary coding is used.

    Use Dreamweaver for this if you can as it supports coding and allows the site to be created visually by the drag and drop technique. It also has a "Browser Check" built in so it checks that the site comes out right as it were in a variety of browsers. It also has a "Live View" where you can preview the page from within Dreamweaver.

    You can also "upload" the site to dreamweaver within it via FTP. FTP stands for file transfer protocol and is a method of uploading files to the site.

    Dreamweaver can be downloaded on a trial basis for 30 days from here.

    Before you FTP, define your site.

    This is where you put all the links, images and pages in one big folder ready to upload. To do this go to "Site", "Manage Site" then "New" in the pop up box.

    Go to the "Advanced" tab.
    I have entered information into the fileds below to help you. Leave the rest on default:

    Under the "Remote Info" bit:

    Leave the rest on default.

    Press this button:

    Then this:

    Drag your defined site to the "Public_Html" directory:

    Let it upload!


    Now you have a fully working site. Test it by visiting your domain!

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    If you visit your IP address followed by "/cpanel" you will be greeted by the login promt. Enter your username and password and you'll have access to lots of things. Create FTP accounts, "" email addresses and much much more. There are tutorials built in too!

    Any Problems, give me a shout!

    Remember, use Filezilla if you want FTP account. Don't confuse FTP in dreamweaver with the FTP account you can create for your personal files in cpanel. Cpanel has a built in file uploader but you have to upload every file one by one! Just stick to Dreamweaver.

    I haven't mentioned any programs which are just for coding but if you know how code you should know how to do this.

    Any problems at all, let me know.



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      HI there

      Great thread, stuck!


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        Originally posted by Gibbo View Post
        HI there

        Great thread, stuck!


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          I take it you're bored

          On a serious note, some nice/useful threads you have put together
          Originally posted by gilgamesh
          Consider: A pc world WORker is just like a MCdonalds one, but less qualifications and MORE spots!

          What is the difference between a PC WORLD worker and a shopping trolley?......a shopping trolley has a mind all of its own!


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            Originally posted by Tatts View Post
            I take it you're bored

            On a serious note, some nice/useful threads you have put together

            I found it quite daunting when I needed to make a site and it was a matter of trial and error initially. I'd like to think that this will help someone out down the line and save them some valuable time


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              Ah bugger, just realise I left my sites IP address in

              And for those wondering, was just entered to give you guys a an idea , I didn't actually buy that domain


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                If you guys have any problems with it or want to know how do make FTP accounts or Email accounts @yourdoman then give me a shout!


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                  Great guide, was looking for something just like this actually +Rep

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                    very nice thread m8.
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                      Yeah, cool thread aaron. Handy for beginners out there


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                        Originally posted by Monkey View Post
                        Yeah, cool thread aaron. Handy for beginners out there
                        Thanks. I've got a few more useful threads up my sleeve


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                          this reminds me i must do something with mine....
                          At the mo it's just a load of holiday snaps nothing jazzy about it.
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                            Originally posted by tystar View Post
                            this reminds me i must do something with mine....
                            At the mo it's just a load of holiday snaps nothing jazzy about it.
                            Hook up a HTML template, jazz it up, add the pics ect.

                            IIRC, There are certain templates designed for pictures.

                            For blogging and lots of data, then Wordpress all the way.


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                              Need to have some time free to do something me thinks.

                              As i say the holiday snaps on there are usually ones's i show everyone but the misses
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