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"Solved" Mandrvia 2011 64-bit Adobe Flash Player issue

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  • "Solved" Mandrvia 2011 64-bit Adobe Flash Player issue

    I don't know if you lot would be interested in this, but last night I was messing around with mandriva (Decided to go with Mandriva for my laptop and Arch for my media centre) so I needed to get the Video Codecs and Flash player. I followed the steps to install flash-player-64-preview-beta using urmpi (Which is not the nicest but not the worst ) and I was getting no flash in web pages. I double checked my steps and I had done everything correctly.

    Turns out that the permissions were not 755 on the libflash64 file. I corrected this and boom, working flash. Thought that this was strange so thought that I would share.

    On a side note, with Mandriva 2011.0 I am still getting 7 hours battery out my year old acer 4820T.