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    Originally posted by andyn View Post
    Linux Mint is quite a 'comfortable' ubuntu derivative which should be no problem for anyone who has used windows 95/98/XP etc.

    I wouldn't recommend Arch for anyone's parents
    I wasn't recommending Arch for anyone's parents. It's far from a n00b friendly OS. I just said it has one of the best KDE4 implementations; as we were on the subject of KDE4


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      I have tried many, recently, based on Ubuntu, inc. Mint, and I still keep returning to Puppy.
      It is based on Ubuntu and is small yet fully functional. I have yet had to resort to the command line. If I wasn't an MS support person, that is what I would be using full time.
      In any case I use Puppy to host Virtualbox with XP in it, booted from USB. That way I can carry ALL my tools to a client machine.
      I've not failed. I've just found 10.000 ways that don't work!
      Dave Burnett