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GNOME 3: Shocking changes for Linux lovers

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    I always liked gnome as it was reasonably lightweight and I could change it a lot.

    The second I saw gnome3 I moved to XFCE, then got the custimisation bug and moved to openbox.

    I really can't stand the look of Unity or gnome shell. Look too much like ubuntu netbook edition to me.
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      Are they going this way with the interfaces to maybe eventually goto tablet form ?


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        Originally posted by Mr Banana View Post
        Yeah i honestly prefer neat normal menu's rather than fancy full screen/partial screen overlays - you know where everything is.
        Thats why Windows XP worked in my opinion.
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          Originally posted by Jacksb4 View Post
          Thats why Windows XP worked in my opinion.
          tbh I always thought of XP as Win2k's fat and ugly step-sister. But that's just personal preference.

          I've also never liked GNOME even in the early 1.x days. But again, personal preference. However in that instance I could at least relate to why others did like it


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            oooh, i've never managed to keep a linux OS very long - probably because i miss some of the programs on Windows too much haha.
            Anyway, Now we've got NetBook, i'm giving Fedora 15 a go on it... downloading at the moment
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