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  • Charity Gaming Event

    Hi All,

    This gaming charity event being in honour of Tom Squires. Every penny generated going to The Christie. For all the hard work, support and research that they do for Cancer. We have an official authorisation letter from The Christie for the event, which can be supplied if requested for.


    Date: Halloween Tuesday 31st October 2017.

    Time: 9am-5:30pm.

    Venue: Gladiator Computers-Aria Technology, Aria House, 2 Belle Vue Ave, Pottery Lane, Manchester, M12 4AS, UK.

    Price: 40 person. Payable via PayPal to Please choose payment as gift. With all going to The Christie. If paying for more than one person. Please note this on your PayPal payment and say who for.

    Capacity: 30 people to keep things comfy in the function space at Aria Technology. 10-15 computers available to loan for the event. If your wanting to come along but can't bring a computer. Please note on your PayPal payment that you make.

    Sponsors kindly supporting: Gladiator Computers-Aria Technology, Western Digital, Overclockers UK, Crucial Ballistix Memory, Qwertee, Nadeo Of Ubisoft, Evil Controllers, Nomad Games, Jinx, Insert Coin Clothing, Utomik, Arcade Club, Train Simulator Company and Chorlton Fireworks. From the very bottom of the heart. This being from all Tom's family and friends and all at The Christie. Can't thank enough to each and every sponsor.

    Seats won't be numbered, so we can't guarantee about being seated together. If your wanting this, you will stand a better chance if you arrive when the event starts.

    Message Ends.

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    Who is Tom Squires out of interest?
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      Originally posted by BigIan88 View Post
      Who is Tom Squires out of interest?
      He was a good friend for several years. It seems i'm not aloud to attach photos. Photos featuring Tom can be found here:


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        Hi All,

        I have had a meeting at the venue for the charity event recently. A few things.

        1. They will have a couple of VR setups for people to try out and have ago on.
        2. There will be a 3 screen setup car racing simulator setup for people to have ago on.
        3. There will be a basic flight simulator setup for people to have ago on.
        4. They have confirmed that they themselves have secured Gigabyte as a sponsor. Along with the confirmed sponsors that I have.
        5. There will be some sort of retro setup. Where you can play those classic console games. For people to have ago on.
        6. The price has dropped to a bargain 20!

        Message Ends.