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Radiohead - Burn The Witch

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  • Radiohead - Burn The Witch

    Absolutely loving this

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    Awesome vid, didn't think much of the track though.

    That inspector guy wiped his forehead with the same hanky he sneezed into earlier
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      The track is awesome. Really blends Thom's resent dubstep leanings well with Radiohead's more classic sound; and does so beautifully. <3


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        Yeah, really liking the song, much better than King of Limbs stuff.


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          Album announced, out in 2 days. Because Radiohead.

          Second song is decent too, very In Rainbows.


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            White vinyl just announced too, and promptly pre-orded by myself
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            He'll have the local FBI round his house with all that hash!
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            turn off that sexy nonsense
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            turns out if you touch a stripper too much and try and get back in after being kicked out, they dont like that!


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              Had a quick listen through of the track while driving yesterday, unpredictably it didn't make good driving music

              I'll probably give it a proper listen some point at work later this week.

              I don't see the point of the 24bit WAV download though. Or if they're going to bother with 16bit and 24bit lossless, then they might as well make the 16bit version FLAC