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Films that made you shed a tear ?

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    I cried watching "Snow white and the huntsman".

    Really is that bad

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      Grave of the fireflies.


      Originally posted by Mr Moose View Post
      'Seven pounds' got me big time.
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        When Mickey and Mallory got hitched in Natural Born Killers.

        Seriously would have to be Shawshank Redemption, the ending did me in.

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          The Green Mile .
          The Notebook .
          Who Will Love My Children .
          Pennies From Heaven .
          Pay It Forward .
          City Of Angels .
          Marley + Me

          The list goes on . Cried at Hancock as well but not because of the movie . I watched it with the kids and they all ended up howling at the hospital scene . Not easy to see all your kids cry so hard .


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            Originally posted by zaz View Post

            Toy story 3 nearly got me but then, ive gone soft since my kids came along so i have an excuse

            What gets you going ?
            Toy story 2 nearly got me, but the montage of Carl and his wife in Up! had me literally blubbing in the cinema (the theme of perpetually putting off dreams because of life events to the point that one of them died before enacting them really hit me)
            probably too soon after my dad's death TBH...
            even thinking about that scene is making me well up...

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              I've cried at one film, not sure how old I was, probably about 10 (I didnt see it when the film was released btw ;P)

              The Ten Commandments


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                The Budget usually reduces me to tears.

                Seems to get rereleased every spring in the UK and gets sadder every time...

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                  Watership down, those poor bunnies man!!!, and just when you think you've cried enough they have to play that sad tune, bright eye's
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                    Sholay when jai dies :-(

                    Nai jai nai!!!!

                    Oops guess its not an english movie
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                      I think I cried when I watched "Homeward bound" as a kid, talking animals FTW
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                        I haven't cried at any tbh, too manly and all that.
                        But Band of brothers got me close
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                          Dark Knight rises nearly had me, i stayed in my seat for the credits just to get over it hahaha
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                            The Champ had me blubbing when I was a kid. Seemed to hit a few chords with me.

                            The closest I've come to since was probably Shawshank. What a film!
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