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  • DnB lovers?

    im getting into mixing. i know a few off you like dubstep and dnb.

    comments please? and also on the other 2 i have on there.

    thanksss <3
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    first bit, careful when speeding up vocals, seams just a tad too fast. 0.43
    second bit, choose your songs wisely, that is one hell of a drop to go in to and its a bit faster? 2.09
    third bit, very nice. 2.53
    forth bit, break down and build up not bad. 4.38
    fifth bit, good crossover. 5.39
    ending, build up fade out, good. 6.09

    my thoughts on it. was good, bit of a odd mix of songs though. very good but still had a taste of a amateur.
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      Sounds pretty tidy mate What do you use to mix?

      Here is a mix I did to test the new mixer a few months back...

      I have loads of mixes but haven't been arsed to upload them all... yet
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        Not bad, keep practicing as practice makes perfect.
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          i use virtual dj pro.

          getting a proper mixer soon since atm its hard to do everything with a mouse lol...

          thanks for comments
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            It's more dubstep than DnB imo. It's OK, little dirty though

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