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  • King Arthur: LotS - Disappointed, sick of movies being let down to accommodate a 12A rating may as well be titled 'Legend of the Baseball Bat'. Enjoyable overall however. 6.5/10
    Wonder Woman:
    Perfect hair always... Gal Gadot is perfect in this role, but didn't really stand out as much as she should have due to writing, Chris Pine carried most of the movie. 8/10
    Lego Batman:
    Uninspiring kids movie, not quite as original as the Lego movie, fun anywaY. 6/10
    The Messenger: Joan of Arc:
    Watched again recently. Not the best Biopic around, but had a strangly good cinematic appeal to it. The action scenes are very lack lustre, but it is a fantastic performance from Milla Jovovich and Dustin Hoffman. Great story and worth watching. 6/10
    Die Hard with a Vengeance:
    Classic action/christmas movie, great performance from Bruce Willis/Sam Jackson, 7/10
    Unbreakable: Another Bruce Willis/Sam Jackson movie, one of my favourites, Though David Dunn is fairly boring, I went back to it after watching split, new revelations to be seen. 8.5/10
    I watched this before I realised it was a pre-sequel to Unbreakable 2 (Glass), < while that is kinda a spoiler in itself, it explains why you see Bruce Willis at the end. Starts off slow, but amazing acting and a truly terrifying and suspenseful experience. 7.5/10


    • Just watched a film called These Final Hours.

      Was really sad and depressing, but at the same time I enjoyed it. Worth a go.


      • Watched a few more:

        The Green Inferno:

        Kinda crap tbh, ultra gory in parts. Somewhat entertaining.


        Pretty decent film set in world war 2, great acting based on a true story. Worth a go.


        Probably one of the worst films I've ever seen. Terrible.

        The wannabe:

        It's ok...


        • Just started Series 1/Episode 1

          So far, so good !
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          • Anyone here watched Legion Season 1? If you like a more twisted version of X-Men, watch it! So good.


            • Watched Blade Runner 2049 last night and what can I say....
              I don't wanna spoil anything, but this movie wow. 10/10


              • Watched Gone Girl last night. It was good, but the ending was a little frustrating.


                • We just finished S3 of Man In The High Castle. Pretty good I think!

                  We've also just started the first season of Jack Ryan, but I have suspicion that it will be one I watch by myself.. And I've also started to watch the first season of Star Trek Enterprise. I started it about 16 years ago, and never finished it.

                  Originally posted by coiler
                  Stomach was rumbling like a fatman landing on Sanctuary


                  • S3 of man in the high castle is my next watch, did enjoy Jack Ryan season 2 later this year
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                    • We've just finished S3 of Man In The High Castle. Just starting Jack Ryan

                      Originally posted by coiler
                      Stomach was rumbling like a fatman landing on Sanctuary


                      • been saving Luther, but went back to season 3 to get fully into it before I watched the latest.
                        and discovered something
                        i used to have a real bad habit. when I knew (or thought I knew) a show was finished for good, Iíd not watch the last episode (or 2 if it was one with double figures per season) to prolong the joy, and watch them as later as I could stand.
                        anywho, Iíve never watched the final ep of Luther season 3 or rather I have now
                        Luther was rumoured to be finished on season 3 on account of how Elbaís career had taken off. tv wasnít quite such a big deal 5 years ago as itís become subsequently, times change fast.

                        so tl:dr Iím watching Luther. and Sherlock on account I did ^ that with Sherlock too