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I got an issue with a pidgeon.

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  • I got an issue with a pidgeon.

    Ok, in the grand scheme of things, not one of lifes biggest problems, however....

    I opened my garage this morning and there was a pidgeon (well I think it was a pidgeon) on the floor in front of me. I moved out of the way so it could fly out, but it didn't go. I got close to it and I can see tags on its ancles and it seems to be pretty tame, then it flew up into the rafters.

    What the hell do I do? I put some water and a bit of food down for it.

    I don't want a new pet pidgeon, (plus its shitting all over my motorbike ) and I dont just want to kill it or something because it looks like someone owns it.

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    If it has tags it's most likely a homing pigeon that's got lost.

    Grab it and chuck it outside, it should be able to find its way back.


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      As said above, if it has tags it's likely to be a racing pigeon. What the pigeon is doing is having a rest from flying and is using your garage for safety from predators. It will either fly out when it's ready (if you leave the garage door open for a while) or you'll have to grab it, call the number on the tag and the owner will let you know what to do.

      Someone had something similar happen down here and the pigeon was found to be an Irish racer and the owner paid to have it shipped back to Ireland.

      Added after 2 minutes:

      Read through this guidance from the Royal Pigeon Racing Association
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        We didn't get any messages, and Budforce definitely did not shoot that delicious plump-breasted pigeon.
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          I reckon its perching in safety, away from a hungry fox
          Originally posted by Aaron
          I want those sweet cherries


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            Broom. Tap it repeatedly. Best to do it when the sun is up with the door wide open - pigeons arent actually stupid. If its being repeatedly attacked it will leave the 'cave'.

            Oh and I stress tap.....dont want to hurt it to the point it cant run away


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              Wait a second. What you're telling us, then, is: you took a phot of a bird?


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                Originally posted by BUDFORCE View Post
                What the hell do I do?
                take some advise from this guy .....

                use these

                Sorry, but patience has never been our strongest virtue.
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                  Set Mutley on it!
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                    OK, when I get home I will open the garage right up and hopefully it will fly out now that its had a rest and some water.

                    The thing says not to give it bread but I did... I did also put some bird seed down so hopefully it just eats that.
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                      It won't want to leave with all the pampering now :lol.:
                      Originally posted by Aaron
                      I want those sweet cherries


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                        Jesus, so I have it out on the patio and have few it and given it water and it wont bugger off. It just wonders around the patio.

                        I have used that website to report it lost, and have put the bird into a cat carrier to keep it safe (and all over my motorbike).

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                          A bird phot thread that truly delivers

                          Reckon you've done everything you can - Will be eagerly following developments.
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                            Wow, I got an auto email response with the address of the owner, he lives in Sleaford in Lincolnshire, and I live in Ramsey Mereside in Cambridgeshire, just under 50 miles as the pigeon flies.
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                              You got a shotgun?