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RIP Muhammad Ali

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  • RIP Muhammad Ali

    A proper legend rip. His skills were unbelievable
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    RIP. He was a great champ.

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      Had some dodgy views at the time he was around the nation of Islam crowd, but what a champion, what a celebrity.

      Really says a lot when sportsmen transcend their sport, when he can say off-the-cuff things that will be remembered forever, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". Anyone who is brave enough to risk his career and his freedom for the belief of equality, is alright in my book.

      Saddens me to think of the people we've lost this year, in twenty years time, who will be the next generation of legends that we remember? There's not a great selection to choose from currently.

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        Originally posted by Clewis09 View Post
        Saddens me to think of the people we've lost this year,
        I think it is because, during the golden age of celebrity and TV, people are starting to hit their deathbeds. Those in their peak from the 1970s-1990s were all house hold names, TV and radio. Internet has changed things and all you see on TV are big actors from known series/movies and kardashians. Youtube has redefined what it means to be famous, and we get names like Jack Jones, and Thomas Sanders, the former of which will be largely forgotten, the latter of which is likely to become a movie star.