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Colours - August 2016

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  • Colours - August 2016

    I decided to put a monthly photo post up and see if we get any hits to try and get it back up and running again.

    To encourage forum users to converse and share ideas and generally inject some community spirit we are holding a monthly photography theme to help get all you nice people use the creative side of your brain. Themes and advice can be discussed and shared here too. There will be no 'best photo' polls nor winners, its just all good fun for anyone who would like to get involved.


    -Any camera will do!
    -Photos must be your own
    -Post only your best shots so choose carefully!

    This months theme: Colours

    *not my photo


    • Anything you want to do with colour
    • Get creative and have fun with stuff you have been meaning to try for a while
    • Details, close ups or big and wide
    • Nothing is wrong or right in this theme as long as its colour

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    Few shots with colour....

    Check out FL-Photos & Lee Whittaker Photography


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      I've just bought a Tamron 15-30 F2.8, its first outing a week or so ago.

      Cambridge Sunset by David , on Flickr


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        Love the sky on this one.
        Check out FL-Photos & Lee Whittaker Photography


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          This is pretty much all I've got this month, off to Nice on the 17th though so may have some more by the end of August!

          IMG_20160804_173444 by David Gain, on Flickr
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