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Photobucket rage thread, IMGUR pitch thread.

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    Originally posted by Cypher View Post
    What they've done is worse than ransomware, years of photos now completely unusable because they have put them behind a $399 paywall, I don't know how they are a) legally allowed to do that without notice and b) going to keep any customers.

    Sure I can upload some of the newer stuff again to a new service, but there's historic posts on forums that I don't keep track of that will be completely useless now. It will kill a lot of forums completely I imagine as none of the threads will have any photos anymore!

    A) Because I suspect their T&C say they now own the photos
    B) Neither do I even if they go back on their decision, people will choose to boycott them now.

    Originally posted by coiler
    Stomach was rumbling like a fatman landing on Sanctuary