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New Camera, New Start...Insurance recommendations?

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  • New Camera, New Start...Insurance recommendations?

    Hey guys, Been afk for a few months and have made a load of personal changes. Photography for me is coming back on the menu hard.

    Sold my ancient Canon 600D and decided to bite the bullet and splash out on a load of new gear!

    I have always been rather belligerent with my cameras, never used a strap, often walking around one handing it, including holding it over the edge of piers, steep... may as well be cliffs, roof tops, lakes, edges of boats/ferries. You name it, any unwritten rule of caution regarding camera handling I broke.I have also said that if I ever get a camera worth more than 1000, I would likely take a bit more care of it and get insurance.

    Well with 4K of equipment in the bag, I need some recommendations on decent insurance plans to cover my equipment without quibbles.

    Where do I start? D:

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    I'm interested in this too as I keep meaning to get my stuff covered, I know a couple of people who have their stuff insured so I need to ask them who their stuff is covered with.


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      Only ever used Kamkit and it was relatively painfree but reading reviews online, they dont seem to be useful when making a claim.
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        I have been looking at more comprehensive cover from various places, prices seem to range from 2-8pm for personal cover, and 12-15pm for pro cover. with this kinda thing, I think I would be happy to pay a little extra each month for peace of mind knowing that should I have to deal with them, they come through.


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          shame its an add on to home insurance.


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            Hey guys, so doing more looking and found annual cover from Switched on insurance via go compare. 150pa
            for their ultimate cover, includes loss, accidental damage, and theft. covers up to 3 'gadgets' (not sure if this covers lenses yet), and cover is worldwide.

            50 excess for each gadget, but otherwise is covered for market value.

            seems decent and affordable and is half the amount i have received quotes for from places with far lower trust pilot score.


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              Ok so found that the 'amateur photographer' magazine have their own insurance plan, looks very decent, but no reviews?