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  • Gosh its been a while

    Returning after a longggg break! hoping to be as active as i once was!

    I unfortunately got rid of my gaming machine I had at the time but hoping to build a new one sometime in 2018
    8gb Geil BlackDragon RAM | Radeon 7850 2GB | i7 860 @2.8ghz | ASUS Maximus III Extreme

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    Welcome back

    4770k @ 4.6, XSPC Raystorm, Avexir 4x4GB 2400MHz, ASUS Z87 Maximus Hero VI, Tri-fire 290x/290x/290 Reference EK 290X CSQ Full Nickel Blocks, Alphacool 240 ST-30, Alphacool 360 ST-30, Asus Xonar, Alphacool D5, Corsair AX 1200i, Carbide 540


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      Originally posted by coiler
      Stomach was rumbling like a fatman landing on Sanctuary


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        Long time no see - hope all is well
        Fractal R4 (shhh!) 3570k, z77x-d3h, 16gb, R9-270X, 240gb SSD, 2tb mirror w/ 60gb cache drive


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          Gigabyte Aorus GA-AX370-Gaming K7. Ryzen 1700. 16GB G-Skill TridentZ RGB. Zotac GTX980ti Amp Omega Edition. Samsung 840 500 GB SSD. WD 1 TB Green. XFX 750w XTR Psu. Creative GIgaworks T20 series 2 speakers. Asus DX 7.1. Phanteks Enthoo ATX Glass case. iiyama G-master GE2788HS Monitor. Cyborg V7. TT Theron mouse.


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            caffee lake stuff might really be out by then

            wb dude
            "Those able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses."


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              What the hell... Hello! I'm back too! my "rig" has more or less been untouched since my last post here (built a i5 2500K, then sold it to dad-in-law and reverted back to socket 775, having sold the Q6600, someone gave me a xeon X3360 which dropped straight into my old setup) but thanks to family life has pretty much been dormant since (hey thanks, 2 kids!) having the tower trapped in a room which became the house dumping ground. we we've started to decrapify and I uncovered the old beast, and having had a blast of cash from birthday/christmas and random gift cards from my work (oh new job too BTW... MUCH better ) I yesterday ordered a Ryzen 5 1600 setup!

              really looking forward to doing a new build, and can't wait for stuff to arrive.
              I had a new thinkpad (Broadwell i5 L450) 2 years ago and that's done me well for my 3D printing and PCB designing needs (long story... I'm at a makerspace now and doing lots of things with raspbery pi's, arduinos, 3D printing, Laser cutting... you know, awesome things!) but i need something meaty to sometimes do a bit of gaming on or maybe run Fusion 360 a bit better than the integrated Broadwell GPU...

              edit: hey... where's my sig?
              edit2: nevermind, found where to enable sigs
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              Ryzen 5 1600:: GA-AB350-Gaming 3:: <some other stuff>
              [STILL BEING BUILT!!!]


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                Welcome Back......... liking the sound of the new Ryzen ( Incoming)..what Gfx card you pairing it up with?..... I am considering a Ryzen build for my man Cave PC.... ( currently an A10 - 7800 with a R9-380 its a capable beast but I want more teeth lol...)....... Considering pairing a 1700 with a RX580...was thinking Vega but still a little too expensive...( for a shed at least )
                posted by scrivz69
                I think I may leave this forum, it seems to be full of the village people.​
                i7 3930K @ 4.2| ASUS X79 Sabertooth | 32GB @ 2133 Copperhead |2 x Gigabyte TITAN SLI |ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 | Samsung 850 500GB SSD | 3TB SATA Drive | H100i WC | Corsair RM1000 | HAF X |40 inch Benq 2560x1440 IPS


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                  Going to have to stick with my dual 6850's for now. Got no budget for upgrading gfx right now, which is just as well since i won't be doing a lot of gaming for the time being...
                  Ryzen 5 1600:: GA-AB350-Gaming 3:: <some other stuff>
                  [STILL BEING BUILT!!!]


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                    Whats going on?!

                    I've just popped on too to see how everyone is doing.



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                      Hey Oscar et al. The old place isn't as brisk as it once was but it still ticks over.
                      My local hospital has a sign which reads "This way for accidents and emergencies." Haven't people in hospital got enough to worry about without looking for further misfortune?


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                        It still ticks over in the sense that Aria hasnt cancelled the hosting but the forum is 7 feet under now. sad times