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Car insurance rant!!!

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  • This is BigIan we're talking about, Mazda breaker, he doesn't play by the rules, likes to live dangerously
    Originally posted by Aaron
    I want those sweet cherries


    • Mine went up by 17.00 this year and thats with direct line, I could not be bothered to shop around.

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      • If my insurance was 2100 I'd get the bus

        Mines about 350 and that's about all I'd want to pay tbh.
        Originally posted by coiler
        He'll have the local FBI round his house with all that hash!
        Originally posted by BigIan88
        turn off that sexy nonsense
        Originally posted by Salad Soup
        turns out if you touch a stripper too much and try and get back in after being kicked out, they dont like that!


        • I managed to negotiate ours down by 40 this year compared to last year.

          Originally posted by coiler
          Stomach was rumbling like a fatman landing on Sanctuary


          • Either i'm there or she's here Friday to Monday so i've told them i'm there 4 days a week and here 3 and it was their recommendation to insure it at hers - no complaints there seeing as it was the cheaper option!

            It's all down to me living in the behind-end of Manchester mate, very high crime area and chav-central. You'd be surprised how many insurers won't touch me at all, let alone give me a fair price. Last I checked, it was rated as "refer" on the A-F (and U) insurance scale
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            • Originally posted by BigIan88 View Post
              It's all down to me living in the behind-end of Manchester mate, very high crime area and chav-central.
              What was it like before you moved in?

              All your spoon are belong to us