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  • MP3 to FM??

    Morning all. Got a new car (brand new second hand). It's a Volvo S60 2001 2.0L Turbo. Love it.
    But I have a slight issue.
    I hate radio and I don't want or own any CD's.
    It currently has the standard radio which only has FM and a CD player.
    Ideally I wanna keep the car fairly untampered so I don't want to replace it.

    What I'm wondering is if there is some sort of device that I can tune my radio to.

    I'm sure i saw something like this year's ago.
    Does anything like this exist? If so, where can I get one.

    Cheers all.

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    Yeah there's loads around. You either connect a music source to it via cable or bluetooth, and then it re broadcasts that on a low power FM freq that you tune your car stereo in to.

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      personally I always delighted in digging into my old cars electrics and rewiring etc, but I get why you donít want to
      things like the following are readily available, just pick one that does what you need, doesnít get slated by customers, and is convenient for your shoppping requirements