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Does factory reset on Samsung S5 delete all data?

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  • Does factory reset on Samsung S5 delete all data?

    I've got an Samsung S5 mini, which I'm about to donate to someone. I've just done a factory reset. Can I be sure this will delete all my data from the internal memory?

    There seem to be lots of programs around which can recover 'lost data' and so needless to say I'm sceptical.

    I remember in the past running programs on old HDDs which would overwrite the data on the HDD; presumably there's some sort of program like this for phones, which would be more effective in deleting old data.

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    It does delete everything just remember to take out your memory card.
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      just remember to take out your memory card
      LOL, even I remembered to do that.


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        Are you sure it properly deletes the data, not just the references? I know in the past the best way has been to encrypt the phone and then factory reset. Of course if the S5 is encrypted by default, or it does a data overwrite as part of the reset then you should be fine.


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          Does it say DELETE or WIPE?
          The second implies overwriting, the first is open to question. Can you get an app that specifically wipes??
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            Yes, that's what I wipe everything. I'm searching and there don't seem to be a lot of options.


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              I think you can encrypt the SGS5 so I would do that and then factory reset.

              I found a guide here: