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Roaming in the US - Has anyone done this?

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  • Roaming in the US - Has anyone done this?

    Hey guys I'll going to the US soon for 3 weeks for business and I need to get a sim/roaming sim for my personal phone for calls texts and data, I can use my vodaphone sim however for being away for 3 weeks I don't fancy paying 105 quid so I'm thinking it maybe cheaper for me to maybe buy a sim over there and use it.

    Has anyone got an experience with doing this? Also what is a good deal I should look for?

    Sorry I don't have any clue about this.

    Thanks, Pineapple

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    Possible to get a one month sim only with Three if you're phoning the UK as the US is covered by Feel at home.
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      GO Sim......

      45 for 30 days unlimited Text ...unlimited calls... unlimited data (but only 1gb at 4g )

      I made the assumption that you need the sim for local calls texts and data.... ( $10 worth of International calls though ) ... Dual sim phone??

      Or.... wait until you get there and walk into any AT & T shop and get a prepaid sim card....

      Or Best Buy and pick up a prepaid phone...
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        Originally posted by Avro View Post
        Possible to get a one month sim only with Three if you're phoning the UK as the US is covered by Feel at home.
        this - I've been to Florida earlier this year, when I booked it wasn't on the Feel at Home thingy, when I arrived it was = WINNER

        As data on 3 is cheaper than US phone charges - smack a little credit onto a VOIP provider, like Skype or an.other
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          Thanks guys I think I'll go with the three sim only deal. It will only be for calling him receiving calls and texts etc on my personal phone, any roaming calls like the US etc I'll use my work phone for that


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            I was in Canada for 3 weeks this year.. Cheapest option for me was to just buy a payg sim while I was there.

            I do the same thing in Zambia every year too..

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              Yea for 25 you can't go wrong with Three's "unlimited" data.

              It is 1000GB in the UK though, not sure about US.


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                Saw on three's website all you can eat data is capped at 12gb for the US, would the same apply for the lower data limits such as the 12gb plan?