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    Hi all. Looking for a mobile contract or PAYG sim only tarrif that allows for unlimited tethering.

    From what I can tell though, no-one allows it anymore. So who allows the most?

    Living at my parents at the minute and the last time they had ADSL, the max speed was 16kbps... at full price... Afaik there is no better solution than mobile internet but the limits are ****ing stupid.

    So whats my best bet? I need the internet on my pc's before I go insane.

    Cheers all! Much appreciated.

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    would a 4G dongle not be better for your PC?

    3 do mobile data contracts....

    and Sim only with a tether limit ( you can use up to 12GB of your data each month to create a Personal Hotspot within the UK.)
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      Stoke is not exactly the back of beyond so ADSL should be better than that. It was for my son when he was at college in Stoke.

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        I feel for you, I moved back up North and went from 40mbps fibre to 7mbps-drops-out-all-the-time regular broadband.

        Worst thing was I thought the new place had fibre as I'd done some searches on the post code. When it came to ringing Sky during the move I'm told we don't get it. Brilliant.
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          Do sky even offer fibre? Did you try BT or virgin?

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            Yeah sky do fibre.
            They were the second to offer it after BT.
            It's a good service too. 38mb or 76mb at the moment, but I believe the new Q box will be higher still (120?)
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              Almost all contracts that are limited you can use your data how you please, eg 10GB data with EE can all be tethered if you like. Same with Vodafone, not sure on O2, Three give you 2GB/4GB if on unlimited and all your allowance if not on unlimited.


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                Android 4.X

                adb shell stuff
                settings put global tether_dun_required 0

                This will mean the phone doesn't report which data is tethered, or which data is "native"

                Or it used to
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                  Well... I thought I would bite the bullet and try the 20 unlimited internet add-on offered by three. I've been tethering with it for days, its not 100% reliable obviously, but when its fast its fast enough.

                  I've also been downloading a **** tonne of stuff. Had no internet on two computers for months. It doesn't seem to have a limit whilst tethering either.

                  Now if only I could remove the adult content ********.... It blocks ordinary sites.


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                    Originally posted by cruciate View Post
                    Yeah sky do fibre.
                    They were the second to offer it after BT.
                    It's a good service too. 38mb or 76mb at the moment, but I believe the new Q box will be higher still (120?)
                    I can't see how the Q box can be any faster, sky is still using the same infrastructure at BT fibre. BT are rolling out faster fibre potentially later this year called G.Fast but as usual expect high density housing areas to be first on the list.

                    Nationally VM are the only ones who can offer anything faster (up to 200mb in some areas) though City Fibre have done a very limited roll out of FTTP offering gigabit speeds and are looking to expand to 30+ cities in the next couple of years.


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                      In 2010 BT said that the entire UK would have fibre optics by 2012, now its 2016, they say by 2020...

                      I don't trust a thing BT spout... Used to work for them.


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                        Originally posted by oneman View Post
                        FTTP... gigabit speeds...
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                          Originally posted by FunkY View Post


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                            Just as a comparison to Google Fibre offering in the US, no setup fee, $70 + taxes per month, 12 month minimum contract for 1gb download and UPLOAD. No caps, and 1TB of online storage included.



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                              Y U NO MANCHESTER :<