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A Mini phone for your Mobile phone.

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  • A Mini phone for your Mobile phone.

    One company thinks you need a small phone that hitches a ride on your larger phone -- and the idea actually might not be as crazy as it sounds.

    Video in link / above explains it , well sort of.

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    HTC already have the Mini+ which seems like the same thing.

    Don't personally understand why.
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        For the same reason as smart watches, or bluetooth headsets.

        My "big" phone (note) sits in my pocket, and can be hard to get out quickly if I'm sitting down/driving.
        When it rings, or buzzes - I can just look at my watch to see if its worth answering, or who's texted/emailed me.

        Might be of use to "share" your phone with others in the house (not sure why you'd want to do that though!)
        I see it can also take a sim of its own too
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          Good if you don't want to be targeted by phone thieves. Or if you are, you just hand over the mini phone and run!

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            Marketing is a wonderful thing.
            Talk about fridges and Eskimos!!......
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              Well, it kind of does seem like overkill, but as an owner of a Galaxy Note 3 myself, I do find that the limits of my dexterity are tested every time I try to get my ringing phone out of my front pocket while driving (or getting buzzed in a boring meeting).

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