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Bitcoin Plummets And May Be Stuck In A Self-Fulfilling Downward Spiral

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    Originally posted by cold fusion View Post
    Wow that's pretty cheeky. The same proponents who argue that bitcoin is a real currency is exploiting loopholes that bitcoin isn't legally recognised as one to steal income from idle investors. Really underhand practice that.
    Even banks lock dormant accounts.


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      I still keep some bitcoins, and the following may seem a bizzare and morally wrong reason:

      I had a business client get hit with a crypto virus demanding bitcoin, with a really short deadline.
      Normally I'd just restore from a backup - but that backup was the night before and they *really needed* the current day's version of a few files.

      So now I keep some bitcoin for that in case it happens again to another client - but still feel dirty for paying it that time.
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