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What do you mine, what with and why?

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  • What do you mine, what with and why?

    Just interested to see what the current state is

    I've a RX480 in one rig that has been going a while now on Ethereum, and my new 1070 at home is now "benchmarking" and testing for a few days, after that I have no plans to mine with it full time as the draw from socket goes from 71W to 200W when mining.

    RX480 is running in office machine, so no cost to run apart from the rent, so not optimised, just a lazy run and using the allegedly better drives for mining.

    I know people started to sell off, with the current buy/sell profits - are people still mining or have those who mined just switched to trading?

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    I'm still mining zcash, on my 1080Ti, while my machine is idle (so 99% of the time when I'm not gaming) and it gets ~750sol/s.

    The value is fluctuating at the moment, but it's generally on the way up. I mine roughly 0.0125z per 24 hours, which is about $5 a day. It pretty much covers all my bills for the month
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