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Think I have found my new TV

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  • Think I have found my new TV

    I am currently in the market for a new 42" 3D TV.

    I have given myself a fairly flexible budget (as I have done a nice little bit of overtime the last couple of months) with a top end of 700.

    I've uhm'd and ah'd over plasma or LED, Active or Passive and originally I thought I had decided on the Panasonic 42ST30B (505) or 42GT30B (700), and even though they look good and the ST is a great price and the GT a good price (also What Hifis TV of the Year 2011) they are still quite power hungry, but the biggest put off was how hot the front of the screen got under use, also being a glasses wearer I had a go of the different glasses and found the lightness of the passive glasses to be a great advantage, so I now believe I have decided to settle on LED and passive.

    With this in mind I was looking at the LG sets, mainly the 42LW550T (515) and 42LW650T (680) models.

    However I was in Currys earlier today doing some window shopping and saw the 42LM620T and JL are selling it with a 5 year warranty for the same price as everywhere else (700), so this is my current front runner.

    I have also been looking at the Samsung UE40D6530 (650) but the 3D is reported to be poor, and the Toshiba 42VL863B (600) because I have been extremely happy with my current Toshiba, but the blacks are reported to be poor.

    So I suppose really what I am asking is does anyone have any experience with any of these sets and is it worth spending the extra for the 620T over the 550T, for a nicer bezel, newer model etc etc?

    Also happy to hear of any other models people would recommend.
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    Whatever you get, you can't fault JL
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      I would leave the panasonic's well alone. There are threads all over the net about the problems with them.
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        Well I took the plunge today and now have a new TV.

        There were numerous offers around for it, JL had the usual 5 year warranty, Comet were giving the DBT220 with it, the Indian Food shop are offering 10 back for each England goal, so I went to Richer Sounds to see what they could offer because online they were offering a 5 year warranty with the TV, or if you were a VIP member you could get the DBT220 free with it. I tried to get Richer Sounds to do the 5 year warranty and the DBT220 for the same price, but they said they just honestly couldn't do it. So I asked the guy what he could do for me and after a bit of back and forth I got him to give me 10% off and the 5 year warranty, so I ended up paying 630 for a Panasonic TX-L42ET5B with 5 years warranty. Overall very happy with that.

        Have now got it mounted on the wall - had to buy a new bracket as this is 400x400 VESA and my old bracket was 450x375 VESA

        Here's a couple of pics

        I have had a brief fiddle with the picture setting and am pretty happy with it, but time will tell how much I feel I need to tweak it.

        I also need to drill a new hole for the right (as you look) speaker as its old hole is behind the TV, and yes I know it is slightly off centre (but that makes it central with the viewing position) and slightly too high (which I cant do anything about without remounting the wall bracket or moving the very stuck on trunking) but it will do me nicely.
        Removed my picture as I have now sold it all


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          probably just the pics but it looks like a lot of bleed in the colours.

          As its an LG panel if you turn the sharpness down a touch it will clear up abit of the static effect as well.
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            I have the non-3D version of that set. Looks beautiful

            Yeh I doubt the Panasonic logo is that blurry in real life ^^