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Any DE/SE/Straight Razor Shavers on Aria?

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  • Any DE/SE/Straight Razor Shavers on Aria?

    I've been getting my head round the whole wet/traditional DE Safety razor shaving since Nov '11. I've went from buying some basic shaving kit to splashing out a little more on some more expensive bits and pieces. I have to say, what a difference this type of shaving makes to your face and how enjoyable it is too. I used to be a Gillette Fusion with Foam/Gel type of shaver. Never, ever again! Taking the time to prep for shaving, using the right equipment and just the overall experience is great and is something to look forward to now instead of tearing lumps out of yourself. It also gives you the best shave you'll ever have, more often than not it'll be like a baby's ****.

    Any other DE/Straight Razor shavers here?

    I've been asked to put together a good starter kit, so in my humble guise as a DE Shaver, here goes...

    A/S Balm:

    Any or all of the above will serve you well as you start out. The Arko is definitely something that can be changed out for something else as it's not for everyone. Even a tube of Palmolive Shaving Cream is excellent for a 1.50. For any initial outlay of about 45-50 you'll save yourself a fortune in years to come, rather than spending 8 on a 4-pack of Gillette cartridges every other month, not to mention the goo in a can that'll cost you around 3-4 a pop.
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    I've got an electric one I use most of the time, although when I'm at my gf's I use the cheapo ones from Tesco or wherever. I've got pretty fine hair so I can shave using whatever and not cut my face up.
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      Proper badger brush, with hard soap, lathered up and painted on face. Much better than any gels, foams out there.
      Then gillette fusion pro glide for the actual shave.

      What is this DE you are talking about?
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        Beard Trimmer keeps the stubble tidy
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          Theres a big thread about the safety razors on Bit-Tech forums currently. I have recently purchased said items and will be giving it a go..


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            Easier just not to shave and grow a beard lol


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              Originally posted by cruciate View Post
              Proper badger brush, with hard soap, lathered up and painted on face. Much better than any gels, foams out there.
              Then gillette fusion pro glide for the actual shave.

              What is this DE you are talking about?
              It's basically one of the old-style Double-Edge Safety Razors - my razor is pictured below.

              It's normally coupled with a nice Badger or Boar Brush as you would normally use shaving soaps or creams to get the best from your shave.

              Here's a video which gives you the basics of how it all works and what sort of results you can expect.


              You feel much cleaner, fresher and leaves your skin in much better condition. It's also good for ingrown hairs and some types of skin diseases which are normally exacerbated by cartridge razors like the Fusion or Mach 3. It definitely takes some getting used to, but it's turns out to be something you actually look forward to. It's definitely the best investment for I've ever made. It can also save you a few quid in the long run as the blade tends to be dirt cheap. Normally 100 blades cost anything from 8-15. Gillette Fusion Blades normally cost around 7-9 for 4.

              I can't recommend it highly enough.
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                A real man uses one of these!!!

                and yes that is mine !
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                  Italian Barbers in town, wet shave 4. If there's an event I'm going to, weddings etc - can't be beat.

                  Other than that, shave when I get told to

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                    I have a de razor but havent used it after cutting my bloody finger nearly off installing the blade, saftey my ****.
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                      Electric shaver here. Much less likely to cut yourself, even if you don't get such a close shave. My face is usually pretty smooth though after a shave unless I rush it. Doesn't take long anyway.

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                        haven't shaved in 10 years
                        I trim every couple months, much easier than shaving every day


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                          i loathe shaving. i only shave out of a matter of comfort and most razors tend to slice my face apart ( i steer clear of wilkingson sword products, they are notoriious for shaving half my face off and are so poor. Ive used high end products etc to low end and atm i find that gillette mach 3 is is my fave, the fusion imo is ott and performance is reduced with the extra blades

                          I think that I may have to invest into something like this as it would render the tediousness of shaving/cleaning while reducing the chance of tearing my face apart.


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                            Gillette Sensor (can't remember what incarnation it is) and soap here, Had a cut-throat for a year or so but I really never got on with it.

                            Last time I used a Bic I carved my face up quite impressively so I steer clear of them...Remember the advert with fondness however:

                            Aww nuts - YouTube failed me for was an advert for Bic Orange razors that had Buddhist Monks in it.
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                              I just hack away at my face with the Gillette razors people buy me on Xmas/Birthdays.