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General advice - what not to do when banned

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  • General advice - what not to do when banned

    As we have had a number of users recently who have done wonders for the morale of the moderating team, giving us hours of entertainment, we thought we would share a few "what not to do" gems of wisdom.
    1. Create a new account and then revert within 5 posts of attempting to fit in back to the same posting style and/or post a duplicate of why you were banned in the first place.
    2. Register using an anonymous or open proxy.
    3. Abuse members of the forums in other mediums, be it Facebook or any other method you have like Steam, BF3 chat, Mumble etc.
    4. Threaten any or all of the moderating team or Aria staff.

    These are starters, the mod team will collate and record here. We have no reason to get even, so don't hide or run around shouting that you "0wn3d" us or whatever the phrase being used at that point in time. Duplicate accounts amuse us, the lengths some people will attempt to go to in order to have the last word is just outstanding, in a way I think the mod team at first admire the tenacity. But then we get bored quickly.

    So what we do then is allow these accounts to be registered, and then place them onto the global ignore list, so we can see the posts, you can see your posts but nobody else can. See point 2 above, we then collate, record and keep all the offensive images you post, all the complete trash talk and threats you seem to post on here and elsewhere and still you continue even though there are only a select few who can see your posts and laugh at how futile your attempts are.

    Once the banned user starts to realise they are no doing anything other than amusing the team, there is a tendency to go after other mediums related to the forums. Things get fun now, because even after advice number 1 and 2, we are a forgiving lot, we still have people on here who have done 1 and 2 and we still let them back. But once you start on the road of 3 and 4, you start burning bridges. We let this little phase go on a short while, without response most of the time as we all know an unfed troll will go to someone else for food. What these users tend to forget at about this stage, is that we now have a complete escalation record of all activity they have done, and in many cases we can now pick and choose who we decide to report the behaviour to. The ISP for cyber bullying, the local police when images of a questionable nature have been posted, or if we have sufficient reason to suspect this person has illegal content on a computer. I'm sure there is no need to go into more detail of the numerous possibilites we now have to take a completely legal approach to report the banned user. If the banned user had shopped, won a competition of any sort, you are NOT anonymous. Using a new gmail or hotmail account and an open wifi connection or proxy means nothing, but it does still keep the mod team entertained.

    We REALLY DO ban as a complete last resort, before you get to this state you will have had a few warnings, probably a couple of PMs, maybe an infraction that doesn't actually do anything to your rights on the forum but acts as a warning shot. Heed the advice, there's a reason it is being given. Do any of the above and even our tolerance can be stretched.

    The forums are here, we have very few rules, we don't rule by threatening the ban hammer - we go to great lengths to NOT ban, taking up our time to give you advice and let you know why you can't post a youtube video with more swearing than real words, or that image that shows vomit inducing content.

    If you are issued with a ban, take a deep breath and reflect on the advice we give you, and then come back when your ban period has completed. First bans are usually very short to let you cool off, but trying to circumvent them will result in an increase in length and considerably less sympathy for you for the future. Think before you act, and chances are you won't upset the mod team... we are here to help!

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    Please see thread, here for how post reports are dealt with.
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    Can't argue with that.

    Or else.


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      Global ignore list. Brilliant. Wondered why nobody ever pays any attention to me


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        Epic post

        Would love to see some of the trolling that goes on in that ignore list - although I fully appreciate that's "never going to happen (tm)" mr mod, sir
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          Originally posted by alexnifty View Post
          Global ignore list. Brilliant. Wondered why nobody ever pays any attention to me
          Dont know what you mean *whistles innocently*

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            Originally posted by Bigian88 View Post
            Dont know what you mean *whistles innocently*


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              Originally posted by a***n**** View Post
              Global ignore list. Brilliant. Wondered why nobody ever pays any attention to me


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                Originally posted by Bigian88 View Post
                Dont know what you mean *whistles innocently*

                Talking to yourself again?

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                  Very lenient code of conduct if I do say so myself. So many chances are given, but trolls will be trolls.
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                    I actually had to log out and check that I hadn't been muted


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                      Great work as always, shame a few try spoil it for the rest.


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                        Originally posted by DoubleTop View Post
                        or if we have sufficient reason to suspect this person has illegal content on a computer. DT.
                        *gulp* nothing illegal, but I'm sure the missus would not be happy if she found it.. )


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                          Its fairly crazy how some people think they are totally anonymous though. If they put two and two together they would work out that because this is a shop site, chances are Aria already have the home address, email address, telephone number, full name, age, etc to name a few. Which is particularly useful when aiding the police/others with enquiries for things like posting of illegal images, dodgy/illegal material etc

                          Its not rocket science by any means, but there we go..

                          Originally posted by coiler
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                            Is it bad that I didn't know that Banger was banned and he was the first person I checked for?


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                              who? what? where? when? how

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