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What Travelling Around the World Looks Like in 1 Minute

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  • What Travelling Around the World Looks Like in 1 Minute

    Rick, Tim and Andrew, three ordinary guys, decided to take a trip of a lifetime: 11 countries in 44 days. 18 flights and 38,000 miles later they have three 1-minute videos showing what life is like around the world.

    They recorded everything off two cameras and ended up with over a terabyte of footage which they cut, mixed and matched into an awesomely seamless blend of every notable place they’ve been.

    They broke down their trip into three parts: Move, which shows them walking around, Eat, which shows the delectable food they ate, and Learn, which shows all the amazing things they did.


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    Awesome videos, reminds me of where the hell is Matt.

    Would love to do all those
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      The move video made me think "Nikon/Canon advert"


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        That's pretty cool
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          that's superb - love that footage
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