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  • Aria on HUKD

    Someone has actually listed an Aria product on

    It appears that Aria were banned for self promotion, but for some reason this was allowed to be posted.

    Anyone think it might be an idea for someone at Aria to talk to the powers that be at HUKD to get themselves unbanned as there have been numerous offers I've wanted to post but not been able to.
    Removed my picture as I have now sold it all

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    I've wondered this as I posted a couple of Aria offers up some time ago and they never got put up. I heard murmerings of Aria not been allowed on there but didn't know wy.
    I for one will be posting deals up if they allow it as Aria beats alot of the deals they have on there at times and I just think, if only people could see what price Aria are selling that at.
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