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    This is my drill i use for work its my baby


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      hammer drills are for wimps!!! Just give it some welly !!
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        B&D are badly made and spares cost more than the drill. Bosch had a bad patch a few years ago, but their products are usually robust and reliable, I have been abusing a 500w Bosch drill for 20 years and it is still going strong, although on its 2nd chuck as I bent the first one!!!

        The Bosch is a good balance between reliability and price for you, for the usage you talk about, spending more would be pointless.

        Just had a thought, check out your local Lidl for power tools, I have been using stuff from there happily for a few years without problem, AND most of it comes with a 3 year warranty.
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          Also worth checking out local cash converters. I got a good nick 110v Makita skillsaw for 35 a couple of years ago that's still going strong.


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            Right - I went back onto the river last night at about 1am (couldnt sleep ) and found they had a 600W Ryobi for 43 so just ordered it.

            Should have it by the beginning of next week.

            Cheers all
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              I've been using a 5 B&Q drill for about 8 years. Done quite a bit of work with it too, especially when we first moved in.

              Variable speed, quick chuck, hammer and makes a wicked powerful screwdriver.

              It's also been underwater for a long long time as it was in one of my tool boxes directly under a leak in the shed

              I've also got a 250 Makita drill, it's nearly dead But it has done about 1 million (probably more) tek screws lol.
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