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    Just finished a nightmare housemove...

    Well I say finished: My office is half way setup, my son's bedroom is setup for room scale VR, and the mrs has her PC in the bedroom (temporarily until she decides where she wants it). And the kitchen is workable...

    I've still got 2 rooms full of boxes, and it seems like half of them are books. I'm knackered
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      Yeah, I have definitely been lurking not posting. Some people seem to congregate on reddit, is there any decent subreddits we could join?


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        Been infrequently visiting here now and then, but sadly no major posting.
        Work has been hectic these last 4-5 weeks so my free time has been non-existent, but payday next week so somewhat worth it.

        On the upside, I've moved my recent PC build into a new and trying to sort out my bedroom and office when I have time.
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          when i remember the olden days of forum funs i check back to see this place still exists. facebook, reddit and all that jazz has taken over from where to forums left


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            Just back from a trip to australia, was good, ate far too much food. I need to throw off some weight.

            PS. My posts are finally over 9000