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    Hi All,

    I currently use Skype for communicating with 2 people, 1 as a single conversation and the other with all 3 of us in a group. It's very handy to have both conversation windows open at once and seperated (one one side of the monitor one the other!), which I can do in the current version of skype.

    However for some reason they are removing the ability for seperate conversation windows in skype, so I need to fnid an alternative. There are so many (Slack, Viber, Discord etc) that I thought i'd ask on here if anyone has any experience of a chat / voice app where you can have 2 sepearately movable and sizable windows with 2 different chats in them. Save me downloading, installing creating new users on all the alternatives to find they don't support multiple conversation windows. I've tried googling but none of the results seem to indicate that any of the alternatives support this.

    Any help as always much appreciated.
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    Zoom video conferencing is what we use at work. It works better for us than Skype in a work environment for screensharing, remote desktop control etc.
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