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  • Need a new TV...

    Hello you lot, long time no see.

    I am after a new TV, my requirements aren't huge. But here goes -

    - Budget is 800 max
    - Proper 4k Ready (seen some that aren't really 4k)
    - Smart TV
    - 49-50" max

    Bar that, needs to have a relatively good viewing angle, at least 3 HDMI ports. Any help is appreciated.

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    Sony KD49XE8004BU 49" Freeview HD and YouView HD Smart 4K Ultra HD with HDR TV, found that for around 649 ticks all the boxes, plus it's android tv with 4 HDMI ports.

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      Very much a personal preference, would highly recommend a trip to Richer Sounds or someone of that format, where they will setup the TV for you in a controlled room rather than a showroom floor. If you do go look in a retailer, ask for the remote and turn off the demo mode - which in most cases will turn down the silly hi-contrast and 100% backlight setting, at the lower light of the screen and the intense light of the environment you are in - any form of issue with the panel in terms of bleed is really obvious. I still get upset with the sound systems on the new tvs, factor in the cost of a sound solution. Personally due to my height I went with a HT-XT1 which doubles up as it raises the TV on the stand to a nice height as well as providing a much better sound than my Sony TV. I've been tempted with the HT-XT2, as that would also work with the Bluetooth portable speakers I have and use them as rear surrounds. Went for a different toy though and got a Rift

      You may have guessed, on TV & audio systems I am a bit of a Sony fanboy, but then this is the longest lasting flat panel TV I've owned. It's now so old that a very large proportion of the smart TV features are now all dead - thank you Chromecast for fixing that

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        Samsung MU6400 49" Smart UHD TV

        Just found this.... may be of use in deciding

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