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Possible to paint plastic canoe?

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  • Possible to paint plastic canoe?

    So basically purchased the below canoe(kayak?) on Ebay for 32 pretty good condition, gonna use it next year to go around all the salt marshes on the North Norfolk coast.

    Anyway, I would like to camo paint it, would look so awesome. Reckon its doable?

    Benn looking at plastikote spray's - which are common and relatively cheap, says they will stick to any surface. I have some experience in spraying vehicles and metals, and get pretty good results, but never before attempted something like this.

    I was thinking few coats primer, followed by top coats (black/grey/white combo in camo style) then a clear lacquer on top. I think vehicle lacquer would stand up to sea water the best, plus make it more hydrodynamic as it'll be a smoother surface.

    Only thing is the plastic is pretty flexible in places, you can literally flex it in and out by pushing on it, I don't know how the paint/lacquer will behave.

    On the other side, it is a cheap 32 canoe, so if it doesnt work or the paint flakes off it, I wont be heartbroken.


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    How about Plastidip..... rubberised paint that you can peel off ... looking into getting my car done at the moment
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      Mmmm, looking through their website they do have a primer that claims 400% adhesion, they also do adhesion promoter.

      Might be worth putting a coat of two of that adheasion promoter on first, following by primer, followed by finish coat, followed by lacquer.

      Maybe overkill for a 32 second hand canoe, lol. Gonna cost more in paint, especially if it all comes off after 5 minutes in sea water lol.

      Hycote do a plastic primer, might work without the adhesion promoter on first. I guess really it's gonna be impossible to know for sure without giving it a go.



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        PIgmented epoxy with a single layer of fine glass fibre below it?
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          Originally posted by BUDFORCE View Post
          Mmmm, looking through their website they do have a primer that claims 400% adhesion...
          Thus breaking the laws of physics. Whatever it means.

          Check that your choice of paint does not contain something that dissolves, or embrittles, the polymer used in the canoe.

          Maybe the maker can advise.

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            Yes might do that, I am not 100% on this canoe, but googling suggest most plastic canoes are make from polyethylene.
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              I think the best paint would be the stuff used in the auto trade for bumpers. It's flexible for a reason and i cant see why it wouldnt stick to your canoe. If you can get it grey that would make a good base coat for your design.
              I think you should use a lacquer over the top to protect it against the salt water. Gives it a hard finish and would stop it all coming straight off.

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                Yea. As it's cheap I might get a can of Hycote plastic primer, and try that on a small section first. They do that in grey. If that sticks in theory any paint should then go on top and as you say lacquer finish.
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