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Solar Chargers?

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  • Solar Chargers?

    So, a friend of mine recently brought my attention to 'Solar chargers', and has the aim of running his mobile phone exclusively on solar power.

    The plan is.
    1. plug a power bank into the solar charger, so it can capture and store power over the course of the day.
    2. The phone will be then charged via the powerbank

    I did a little looking around as this got me interested but it seems it is a minefield of cheap chinese stuff, or random expensive stuff. So thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone else has experience or knowledge about this?

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    Any reason in particular? If it's for cost savings then the cost of charging a phone every day is next to nothing so you'll never really save anything. Is probably worse for the environment than just plugging into the wall too.


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      I'm with Mokey. Do some research and you may find that the cost economic and environmental of the solar cells and the battery you use as an intermediary make this an expensive option.

      Then again, most of us already need a portable battery back to stay in business. So if it is just the solar cells to top that up, I'd check the capacity you need against the output of the solar cells.

      I foolishly bought a portable radios with solar cells on the top in the hope that it would provide juice for the built-in batteries. This radio sits on the sunny bathroom window. Gets used less than half an hour a day. But the solar cells seem to be no more than decoration. It is back on mains charge now.

      You might need a solar array the size of a door, maybe bigger, to get enough juice in the depths of winter, especially if you live in Scotland.
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        From what I have seen there are various new solar chargers that range from about 10-20 and are about a square foot, which are capable of charging around 20,000mah over around 6-8 hours. Maybe I am misunderstanding.