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    I thought I'd start up this topic as a place for anyone to let off steam if they need it. Basically just tell us all about what's annoyed you today!

    I am constantly moaning about how people simply don't know how to drive here, and today really took the biscuit:

    • A lorry, heading i nthe opposite direction to me, decides to overtake a cyclist just as I am passing. Normally I wouldn't kick up a fuss about that, but it was just the fact that it was on a staggered crossroad, on a blind S bend, where there was traffic waiting to pull out in both sides of the crossroad.
    • Driving down a relatively quiet road with cars parked either side. A lorry and a little car are in front of me. The lorry heads up the road with no problems at all. The little car stops just before the parked cars, wondering if they can fit through.
    • Yesterday, the neighbours over the road double-parked opposite my car. Fortunately, it rained just beforehand, so it was possible to prove that their car was not there when it rained due to the fact that the road was all wet, but there was a dry patch under mine.
    • The Give Way line at a junction is where you stop, not the centre line of the road with right-of-way.
    • A while back, I had to stop for two mobility scooters. You get that an awful lot around here. Four wheels does not mean it's road legal. A tax disc and numberplate means it's legal! Also, the centre of the road is not a good place to sit and gossip to each other.

    I've got more, but have to go now. *switches angry dome lock to "Vacant"*

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    I feel much better now, Good idea Col, shall be using this by the end of the day


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      takes a deep breath..

      I had 2 deliveries today, one was from aria my now Roccatt mouse and one was my clothes from the cleaners ( i hate washing so i pay for someone to take them away and bring them back washed and ironed who need women and all that )
      In the past the aria stuff ive paid for pre 10:30 delivery and got it dead early 9-10 am type but now im entitled to the free delivery its free but can be at any time..

      so im waiting in for the aria delivery and i know my clothes are being delivered between 3 and 4. the aria delivery comes at 2 pm after hours of me feeling locked in waiting for the guy cursing the free delivery offer as id rather pay for pre 10:30 and have some day left. the clothes delivery needs paying for so i have an hour between 2-3 to get the cash form a machine. i set off out at 2pm to get the money and the clothes delivery man is outside when i open the door at 2pm an hour early . i tell him hes early and im just going to get the money now.. he moans and says he will come back later.. 2 different cash machines were out of order so i end up miles way paying 2 to get my money out and now ive had to wait in till 4pm for the guy to come back. so basically its 4pm the day is over and ive wasted the whole day waiting for delivery men who are ruder unhelpful and never on time..
      and ive got 2 things being delivered tomorrow too oh happy days :/

      someone invent a system of delivering things so i can know withing an hour of when they are coming and i dont ave to wait in all day or lose out because they come early. I mean how hard can it be!
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        I can't for the life of me remember what it was now(could have been my phone) but the delivery company texted me in the morning to say what time it would be there and then again about 30 mins before it arrived. They were about 2 mins out, but you can't really complain at that


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          I Shall def'nitly be using the AD at some point - so much in life is spoiled by idiots and misery-guts.
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            2x1Gb matched pair dead, can't find the receipt... end of


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              online reciept (order history) from where you bought them?
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                ill probably be here fridays and saterdays as those are my working days
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                Originally posted by Ninjacat
                yes it was hard, fast and im covered in lube
                Originally posted by Turbo Porridge
                LOL- well... to be going for 2 hours that kids got Stamina! Watch out ladies!
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                It's a bit worrying you want to see me in Lycra ....


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                  Originally posted by wonderlust View Post
                  online reciept (order history) from where you bought them?
                  Aria, but I walked in and bought them


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                    Spent most of yesterday fixing my RC car to have a play at work today at lunch, within 10 mins crashed it into a barrel and sheared the motor mounts off!"

                    no more fun till i can either make a new one or buy one online!
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                      do you get walk in orders associated with an address or anything? my local place asks for a postcode and house number, so you can refer to your order history after the fact
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                        Only being paid for 2 of the three shifts ive done in the last 2 weeks lol
                        Angry and Remaining


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                          Originally posted by Mr. Lime View Post
                          Only being paid for 2 of the three shifts ive done in the last 2 weeks lol
                          Shove them in the fryer
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                          Originally posted by Simon1987
                          I need to start spreading some reputation around just so I can +/- 0 you later.


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                            Originally posted by Mr. Grapes View Post
                            do you get walk in orders associated with an address or anything? my local place asks for a postcode and house number, so you can refer to your order history after the fact
                            Nope, just a reference name. Always tempted to put a swear word and see if they will shout it


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                              Originally posted by Pullen View Post
                              Shove them in the fryer
                              lol tempting, but i think ill try sorting it out before resorting to causing grievous bodily harm
                              Angry and Remaining