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    Some classic cases of Layer 8 in here
    Fractal R4 (shhh!) 3570k, z77x-d3h, 16gb, R9-270X, 240gb SSD, 2tb mirror w/ 60gb cache drive

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    I've come across some stupid things working in IT:

    "My monitor won't turn on, bring me a new one" - the power button hasn't been pressed because they didn't know it was there and it's just always come on with the PC, or it's not even plugged in. Things that you ask over the phone and they assure you they've tried everything you suggest, oh look another half hour of my time wasted because they're a numpty...

    "Hi I ordered the Logitech dinovo MINI keyboard, but you've delivered this miniature keyboard thing instead of a proper keyboard?" - seriously wtf dude? You wanted a normal keyboard (4), so you went and spent 60 on a mini thing, then you ask why you got a mini thing? He tried getting my manager to give me a load of grief for giving him the wrong thing, that back fired when my manager chewed him a new one and used his stupidity as an example of why the IT department should have total control over IT finances

    "I need a new hard drive, it won't turn on" - turn up with a new hard drive, "what's that thing? I need a new hard drive not whatever that thing is"
    "This would be a new hard drive madam..." *grind teeth/bite tongue, whatever it takes* She's the head of her department, not someone I want to **** off...
    "That's not a hard drive, I need this replacing" as she points to the tower...
    Point out it's not a hard drive, get chewed out for confusing her with techno babble... Give up, decide to take pc away so I can figure out what's wrong with it without being constantly nagged by an idiot... She's unplugged the power lead...
    "It's got all those other wires in it though, does that one really matter?"

    "Madam do you remember the IT policy contract you signed? Don't touch any of the wires ever again or I will have to report you to my manager..." (empty threat and she knew it, but at least she shut her gob).
    2 weeks later, same woman. "My screen's died..." (see first paragraph).
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