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How to waste days trying to diagnose an issue... (Long!)

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  • How to waste days trying to diagnose an issue... (Long!)

    About three weeks ago I installed another drive in my Media Server.

    That makes 8 HDDs in total.

    Two weeks ago I noticed that i was getting a regular doble thump noise.

    So I pulled the server from under my desk and set it up on the desk with the side panel removed.

    Couldn't hear the noise any more.

    replaced the server back on the floor and rebooted.

    After about 6 hours I could hear the noise again...

    Installed HD Tune to check the SMART on each of the drives. Nothing obvious showing.

    Pulled the server and put it back on the desk side panel off.

    No noise.

    replaced it and after a few hours I notice the noise has returned.

    So I decided to try plan B.

    I Left the server running and disconnected each drive one at a time.

    Got to drive 8 and it's still doing it.

    So I pull the drive from the server, still running, sure I had found the culprit and I could test in another system.

    WTF.... I can still hear the noise!!!

    SO I shut the server down ready to power it up on the desk to see if it's perhaps a fan, specifically the PSU fan.

    before I have a chance to disconnect the shut down server I hear the noise again....

    Turns out its not my server but the Freeview+ box that is next to it used with my monitor very occaisonally for watching Sports in the background while watching other stuff....
    I am not losing weight! I'm getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again!

    Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional

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    That reminds me of he time I got a strange intermittent buzzing.
    My PC is on the floor next to the wall with the hall and every so often there would be a strange buzzing and I spent hours stripping it down trying to find it.
    Some time later I got a phone call asking if I ever bothered answering the door.

    My wife had been cleaning cobwebs and managed to "adjust" the doorbell so it didn't ring properly.
    I've not failed. I've just found 10.000 ways that don't work!
    Dave Burnett