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    Morning all.

    Made a bit of a **** up a couple of days ago.

    TLDR, I would like to get a good backup system in place in case of momentary lapse of reason.

    Basically. Like a royal ****ing numpty that I am. I formatted my docs drive. Yep, you heard me.
    I use a USB flash in my car for listening to music. I wanted to wipe that and dump a load of new stuff on it.

    Both the car usb and my docs drive have very short names. Also, for some reason, since my last W10 install, my docs drive has been located at X;
    So when I plugged the car USB in, it mounted to D;

    Without even thinking. I right clicked on the X drive and ran a quick format. Before I could even think what I had done it was too late...

    I have never had any hardware failure in the past and I've always been meaning to set up a proper backup solution.
    I have managed to recover a lot of stuff using Recuva. But I have no idea whats 100% working. No clue what's actually still missing.
    The drive contained everything from my music collection to my game dev projects to my family photos.
    My important game dev stuff is all on git, so thats no issue. Music library could be completely messed up for all I know. I wont know until i check every single file by hand.
    My photos seem to be intact, but again. I have no idea.

    So yeah. **** my life

    Any suggestions?

    Cheers all

    EDIT: I do have a home made OMV machine setup that I could potentially use as a backup. Not sure of the pros/cons of that.
    The drive in question is a 2TB WD and I do have a 2TB external USB drive.
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    How much data are we talking? What about setting up a free sync with a google account etc?

    Also, as long as you haven't used the drive since it was formatted, you may well have some luck with the file recovery tools from Recuva and Easeus

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    Stomach was rumbling like a fatman landing on Sanctuary


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      I hadnt used the drive at all afterwards. But a lot of stuff was missing. Particularly one of my Unreal Projects.
      The drive is currently sitting at about 500Gb usage.

      My camera photos are around 22GB


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        Give those recovery tools a go - I've recovered an entire server with those two working in combo before!

        If you're talking about that much data, then your online options may be limited, but not impossible. Even a dropbox premium account would work ok!

        Originally posted by coiler
        Stomach was rumbling like a fatman landing on Sanctuary