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Speakers behind monitor, better quality of sound?

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    Originally posted by cold fusion View Post
    No misinterpretation. I'm just saying there's a more direct relationship between an amp and speakers which makes it more important to pare the right set together than it would to match active speakers with a soundcard. I used the blown speakers point as an example to illustrate the relationship between amp and speaker.
    You did misinterpret, or you would not have introduced the red herring of blown speakers.

    I said nothing about the technology. I know that amplifiers + speakers are different from active speakers.

    I used that as an explanation of the question I was asking about how to balance spending on bits of the chain.

    Rather than banging on about understanding, does anyone have any answer to my question?

    Speakers behind monitor, better quality of sound?

    If it is a daft question, which is quite likely, it would be interesting to know why.

    Oh, and it was upgraderbf3 who brought up the issue of sound quality from the speakers. See the title of this discussion. It seems reasonable to respond with comments on the likely quality of sound you can expect from 20 speakers. I would be more worried about the positioning of 200 speakers than 20 speakers.
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      Originally posted by cold fusion View Post
      But he already said he got it for recording via spdif and mostly just uses headphones for listening.

      If he doesn't use his speakers much then what's the point in mocking him for using budget speakers the few times he does? Not everyone can justify throwing cash at hardware they use infrequently. But it doesn't invalidate the point of his soundcard because recording via spdif is something worth investing in a better soundcard for alone (terrible english that last statement but I think you get my point).
      To be fair he didn't mention that he was using it to record, until after I'd posted the Ryker gif.
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        "you're misunderstanding my point Blah blah blah"

        No, I disagree with your point. Like I said already You're obsessing over the blown speaker example but really that was just to emphasise how much more critical it is to match speaker and amp than it is for active speakers and sound card

        My point is there is a lot more theory involved in pairing passive speakers to an amp which is often why you have to spend the equivalence. That's less of an issue here because the speakers are active and it's a digital source from music to soundcard. Obviously better speakers will improve the sound quality but I also made the point that he doesn't use them often and the sound card wasn't purchased for the speakers.

        And yes he did raise the question of sound quality, I don't see anything weird about asking for the advice on how to make the most out of crappy speakers for the few occasions hes going to use them

        Lastly the reason I replied was because, while I know he comes across as special, these subforums are not the place to troll him about the quality of his camera nor mocking his speakers. And while you weren't doing that directly, you did also mock his English for a post that wasn't actually that hard to follow if you understand the basics of audio tech.

        This place needs to be approachable if we want to attract and retain new users, this means non-technical people need to be free to ask arguably stupid questions in the techy subforums


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          Originally posted by FunkY View Post
          To be fair he didn't mention that he was using it to record, until after I'd posted the Ryker gif.


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            Bottom line - you're not using your speakers for anything 'critical'. You're not working in a recording studio, or mastering the audio for a blockbuster film. You just need occasional sound through them for the times when you don't use headphones.

            So, with the speakers behind the monitor, do they sound acceptable to your ears? If yes, leave them there and move on. If no, find a place where they sound acceptable.

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