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Corsair Vengeance 1300

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  • Corsair Vengeance 1300

    Does anyone on here have a set of these? If so, think you could help me out? ^^

    Picked up a pair of these for 30 today, so thought I would give them a shot.

    First thoughts are not good, why is there no bass? At all? Is this just me, my Creative ones seem to beast these in overall volume and quality.

    Is there anyway that I can adjust the overall bass? It seems messing with an EQ or Bass Boost seems to just make it a lot worse.

    I like to listen to a lot of songs with deep bass, all's I can hear is the highs, no lows and some mediums

    Plugging these into my sound card makes it a little better, nothing jawdropping though
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    Seems strange ive never heard of them not having bass. Do a frequency test on them and see if they are actually not producing bass, if so RMA them


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      The 1300's are rebrands of the HS1A's, what were they notorious for? Their lack of Bass.
      After a while of using them (With a Bass EQ) I found them acceptable, it also helped with my Headphone amp, but they're never going to be that good, a pair of sennheiser PC 330's for around 40 quid would have been a much better choice.