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Help can't fit card in mobo

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  • Help can't fit card in mobo

    So I got news build and I can' fit the soundcard in the mobo near the end of the case I can't press the card fully into slot. Can' see any way round it any ideas try include some pics.

    at the end of card there is gold output part the bottom pushes on bottom of case ad top part pushes on edge of case so unable to fully insert card

    Attach pics here file to large I'll try upload later.

    but basicall it' Asus xonar d2 card

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    Try uploading your photos to something like imgur and posting the link. I'm finding it hard to visualise the situation.

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      Problem loved I just bend the metal bits on audio part of card so I think fits in now cheers


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        In before the "my computer does not boot" or "my house is on fire" post.

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          Too late..

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